A Better Choice Home Care - For all your personal care needs.

Frequently asked questions

1. Is A better Choice Home Care registered with the state to be a Personal support Agency? 
Answer: Yes we have been fully registered and insured since 2002.

2. Does the agency conduct back ground checks on all employees?
Answer: Yes we do a complete criminal back ground check and search driving records.

3. Do the staff have the training and certification they need to care for consumers in their homes?
Answer. All staff are required to take a 50 hour course and training.   Competency exam is also conducted to assure the staff are trained and have knowledge needed to complete certain tasks. 

4. Can we pay for services through credit card? 
Answer: Yes we take credit card payments.

5. Is A Better Choice Home Care insured?
Answer: Yes we have professional and General liability insurance.

6.Am I ready for assistance?
A Better Choice is dedicated to assisting older adults live independently, comfortably and safe. Self Evaluation Survey.to complete an informal self evaluation.  Keep in mind when answering these questions it is most important to be honest about changing behaviors and habits.  Make some notes.  We encourage you to be open and honest with your self and your Family about your abilities.  We are happy to talk with you about options for assistance now or in the future.
  • Have you noticed that you are gaining or losing weight?
  • Are you skipping meals?
  • Are you eating balanced meals?
  • Is food in the refrigerator spoiling before it is used?
  • Are there any issues or challenges for getting fresh food?
  • Are you preparing your own meals?
Hygiene and Cleanliness
  • Are you wearing clean clothes?
  • Have you been bathing regularly?
  • Have you been grooming?  Dental care and shaving?
  • Are you maintaining regular visits to the barber shop or beauty salon?
  • Are you keeping up with your nail care?
  • Are the dishes being done?
  • Are the kitchen counters, floor, refrigerator and stove clean?
  • Is the bathroom being maintained?
  • Is there an increased clutter in your home?
  • Is your home being regularly dusted and vacuumed?
  • Does your home smell fresh?
  • Is the garbage removed regularly?
  • Is your  car being maintained?
  • A Have you dented or scratched your car?
  • When is the last time you had an objective passenger?
  • Do you sometimes drive too fast or too slow?
  • Are you using turn signals properly?
  • Do you sometimes hesitate when entering/exiting the highway or changing lanes?
  • Are you challenged by highway speeds?
  • Do you ever become confused or hesitated in routine traffic situations such as a four way stop?
  • Have you ever confused the gas pedal for the brake pedal?
  • Have you had slow or inappropriate responses to pedestrians, bicycles or other vehicles?
  • Have other drivers honked at you?
  • Driving safely info from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration
  • Do you understand what all your medications are and the reasons these medications are prescribed?
  • Are you taking medications in the right dosage and at the right time?
  • Is there an excess of unused and expired medication in the medicine cabinet?
  • Have you noticed a change in your gait?
  • Do you sometimes stumble or drag your feet?
  • Are changes in floor level causing you difficulty?
  • Are you struggling to get in and out of chairs or bed?
  • Have you taken a fall?
Cognitive Abilities
  • Have you noticed that you sometimes answers questions inappropriately?
  • Do you sometimes have trouble understanding when people speak to you?
  • Are you aware of the day, date and time?
  • Are you sometimes forgetting small details like where you left the car keys?
  • Are you having lapses in judgment like wearing shorts in the winter?
  • Are you having trouble completing tasks? For instance do you get distracted while doing the dishes, then return to the dishes later or forget about them?
  • Have you noticed any changes your mood?
  • Does you seem to anger more quickly?
  • Are you sleeping a lot more or less than usual?
  • Have you lost interest in activities you usually enjoy?
  • Do you get dressed every day?
  • Have you experienced a loss (spouse, friend, relative, job)?
Medical Issues
  • Are you facing any new or chronic health issues?
  • Have you noticed any changes in your eyesight or hearing?
  • Could you be experiencing any dental issues?
  • Are you dealing with chronic pain?
  • Are your  annual physical exams being maintained?
Financial Responsibility
  • Are you paying the bills on time?
  • Does the checkbook balance at the end of the month?
  • Are you spending money on things you usually would not?
  • Can you account for your money?
  • Is there unopened mail in your home?
  • Do you remember to lock the doors and windows?
  • Is there a security system in place at your home?
  • Do you have easy access to immediate help if the need arises?
  • Are you vulnerable to telephone solicitation?
  • Are you staying in contact with family or friends?
  • Have you stopped or reduced church attendance?
  • Do you belong to any social groups or organizations?
If you observe noticeable change in your behaviors and habits talk to your Family about what you have noticed.  Do not jump to conclusions. It may be beneficial to get your physician involved. There may be a simple and reasonable explanation for behavior change.  Simple modifications to your home can help. Increase the lighting to help with your vision or get clothing that is easier to put on and more comfortable to wear.  The point is that you should communicate with your adult children and be honest with your self evaluation. When you are proactive and prepared to act when the time comes you can make a smart decision about when to ask for assistance.  Think about choosing A Better Choice Home Care.  We can assist you with care visits, from one to twenty four hours and with activities to keep you comfortable and safe. A Better Choice Home Care's Director is happy to visit you to talk about how our living assistance options may be able to assist you in your goals to remain independent, safe and living confidently